Museum Retz Förderverein

The “Museum Retz-Förderverein” was founded at the same time as the renovation and the new setting up of the museum in 2004. Through the voluntary work the Society can insure/provide opening times, organized events and can take care of the daily museums work.


Chairman: DI Wolfgang Hofbauer
Executive chairman: BH HR Mag. Johannes Kranner
Secretary: Mag. Stefan Neubauer, BA
Vice Secretary: Ernestine Schechtner
Treasurer: GR Robert Schweitzer
Vice treasurer: Lukas J. Kerbler, BA

The society has 100 members. The membership fee is € 15 a year.


Voluntary Work

We are pleased with any local and regional history-interested voluntary workers! Working areas are at the cash register during opening hours, helping with the presentation of the exhibits, accepting tasks of researching, helping with the organization of events, supporting transports, with the inventory work, administrative support and much more.