Museum Retz

Welcome to the website of the Retz Museum in the “Bürgerspital”. Besides the city hall, the tower of the city hall, the windmill and other places of exhibitions the Retz Museum in the  “Bürgerspital” is the heart of all the collections in Retz.

The collections in the "Bürgerspital" contain the city historical collection, the local history collection, the prehistorical collection and the South Moravian Art Gallery.

The objects of the collections (with exception of the art gallery) are all property of the municipality of Retz. The newly formed Supporting Society of the Retz Museum has been responsible for the museum since the renovation and reshaping of the “Bürgerspital” in 2004.



A new publication has been issued by the Sothern Moravian Museum Znojmo recently: "Traditional nutrition in the Znojmo region and in the border region in Lower Austria", co-funded by the European Union and the European Fund for Regional Development. Author of this book is the anthropologist Jiří Mačuda. Chapter 4, in which you can find more than 70 tradtional recipes, may be downloaded here.